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The Cove is a great dive site for all. It has accommodations for all divers and their skill levels. It's a perfect site for students to be trained or practice their skills. With low silting and lots of underwater structures, such as buoyancy diamonds and constructed creature hideouts, this is the site for every diver. 

The cove has a gravel bottom (as long as there is a +2 tide height) for beginner dive training (limited silt). It then has a gradual slope to 90+ feet as the divers progress. If you take a hard turn to the south, you can hit 200'+ within a 10 minute dive. The site is appealing to all levels of diving skills. 

The onsite dive locker has gear up benches, exterior rinse shower, a bathroom, and heated dry room with a rinse tub. There is ample onsite parking to accommodate any size vehicle. All of these great amenities are just a few steps away from the water!

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Swing into Hoodsport'N Dive to get your pass and enjoy a day of diving at THE COVE.


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