The Cove at Hoodsport
Rules & Procedures
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Access Fees

$15 (+ tax) per diver per day
In and Out privileges

An easily accessible dive sight.  Great location for training as well as recreational and technical diving.

Located across the street from the Yellow House. Access fee includes use of barn with restroom, dry room, gear up benches and rinse tank.

Sign up at Hoodsport 'N Dive store just a block north of The Cove to get your parking pass. 

Unload your gear into the dive locker then move your car to the parking area near the back.

Back into parking space and display pass in windshield. 

Be sure to e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us at (360) 877-6818 to ask us about anticipated beach usage for your weekend.


Being a private dive site, there are protocols for use of The Cove. 


Each person must come to the dive store and sign in – NO EXCEPTIONS. We will place your name on the waiver sheet and then collect payment. If someone is going to The Cove, but they are NOT a diver, they can pay a reduced rate of $5.00 plus tax. But they must still sign the waiver sheet.


Divers like big vehicles to haul their gear, but The Cove has limited space. We hope that it is common sense to park your vehicle within the designated parking areas and backed in to the rear of the building.  We have designated a turnaround area so you can unload your gear and then move the vehicle out of the way of newly arriving divers. Please move your vehicle after unloading to keep the front area free of vehicles. 


 The dive site is large enough to handle a number of people. At a high tide it has a gravel bottom, which works great for new divers to move around without stirring silt. As you go past the gravel, you get some depth but have a softer bottom. The slope is gradual and allows the new diver to adjust buoyancy as they go. The experienced diver can go deeper, well over 200' with a 12-15 minute bottom swim time.

Most life is within the 20' to 40' range. Numerous lines are set to guide the new visitor. Numerous objects and boats are off the line, for more experienced divers.  


DOGS – Dogs are allowed – on a leash – and the owner must pick up any “messes”.


Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD a copy of the site map 


Underwater Training Site

The water across the street is suited for all types of divers, from the beginner to the Technical. Numerous artistic structures are located throughout the site. There are also numerous older vessels which have found their resting place in the area.

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