Hoodsport ’N Dive has been blending NITROX and TRIMIX since 1995. Our master blender has been blending gases for well over 30 years. Hood Sport ’N Dive ensures that all the necessary gases are on hand; Oxygen and Helium. The store also ensures an ample supply of Argon for your drysuit diving comfort.

We can handle all of you gas needs from basic air fills to Nitrox and Trimix. Whatever your needs are, we try to fill your cylinders while you wait, but can not always fulfill that request.


~Gas Prices~

Prices per individual cylinder
For doubles multiply the price x2


Air Fills

Up 3000 psi   $10.00
Over 3000 psi   $11.00

Nitrox 22% ~ 36%


Deco Bottles 37% ~ 80%

Up to 40 cu/ft   $20.00
Up to 100 cu/ft   $28.00

Oxygen Bottles 81% ~ 100%

Up to 40 cu/ft   $25.00
Up to 100 cu/ft   $45.00

Tri-Mixtures O2+He

Same O2 Pricing as listed above plus


Per Cubic Foot   $1.25


Per Cubic Foot   $2.00 ($5 min)
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