Hoodsport ’N Dive carries a wide variety of products not normally carried by other dive stores. We pride ourselves on trying to keep on top of new products innovations. Come in and check out our products. We are always adding to our inventory.

Kirby Morgan

We try to carry a complete supply of Kirby Morgan replacement parts in stock for our commercial Havesters. We understand that when they need a part, they need to be back in the water as soon as possible to earn their living. 


We have been a distributor for the finest undergarment in the world for over 10 years. We not only sell the product, we maintain a healthy stock of sizes and styles currently available. If, for some reason we do not have a specific item, we have a good enough relationship with Weezle Headquarters to get the item within one to two weeks.


Camera and lighting: We are very impressed with Intova's pricing, quality, and array of products. We recently purchased some of their low-cost, high-quality digital cameras currently good to 60’. Within a short time they will be designed to go to 100’. The lights are made with solid metal bodies, magnetic switching and high wattage at a great price.


Equipment designed to accommodate the beginning sport diver to the exploratory technical diver, using the most cutting edge materials and proven technologies for any condition. We carry many of their products including backplates, wings, stage rigging, instruments, masks, computers and regulators.


Built to deliver exceptional underwater breathing in any environment, every regulator in the Atomic Aquatics family shares patented features that make an Atomic regulator more than just another piece of diving equipment. Atomic Aquatics continues to be THE regulator of choice for divers who demand the best. Innovative engineering, superb design, and exceptional workmanship come together in the most in-demand regulator line in the world.


We are pleased to offer the fantastic line of BARE drysuits and wetsuits. BARE suits use a unique blend of material exclusive to BARE along with commercial grade construction for the professional or serious sport diver. LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

BARE received the 2011 APEX Award from Polartec for the SB SYSTEM Mid Layer. The APEX Award is presented to the designers and companies that make the most outstanding Polartec based products.

Acting as the thermal layer in the SB SYSTEM, the SB SYSTEM Mid Layer is made from Polartec's advanced stretch breathable compression-resistant fleece providing extreme warmth without bulk. It also maintains insulating values at changing depths allowing the diver's core temperature to remain stable.


Each suit is custom made just for you and rated to 230 feet.  Each suit system, except the Custom, comes with Kevlar® knee pads, wide suspenders, Si-Tech® valves and an inflator hose, our special hard sole and fully insulated Rocklug® boots 



We carry the high quality Whites drysuits, including the very popular Fusion product line. Whites innovative DryCORE technology offers the ultimate in mobility, warmth, and streamlining.


We carry the full line of Zeagle products in our rental fleet and have the products available for sale.


We are proud to offer a complete range of AERIS' innovative and feature-rich SCUBA and snorkeling equipment. Light & Motion aggressively invests resources into developing products that consistently rank at the top of the innovative technology spectrum.


Industry leading lighting and photography equipment and accessories. Light & Motion aggressively invests resources into developing products that consistently rank at the top of the innovative technology spectrum.


Analytical Industries analyzers are engineered to meet the demands of scuba diving and rebreather equipment and tested to the most exacting quality standards in the industry. Dive with confidence.

Other Suppliers

Innovative Scuba, Trident, XS Scuba, Ocean Technology Services (OTS), Omni Swivel, Dive Rite, Si-Tech, Amron, Ocean Reef, and Seasoft, to name a few.

Check back often as we are adding new products and suppliers every day!


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