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Beach Fees

$18.43 (+tax) = $20 per diver per day
In and Out privileges


We offer exclusive walk-in beach access to the Sund Rock Marine Preserve, including night diving. We do our best to control the number of shore divers in the Preserve at any given time. Beach fees are $20 (includes tax), and include a great "gear-up" bench and an on-site Port-a-Potty.

Easy entry and lack of current at the site make this an ideal place for classes. Space fills up fast on weekends, so please check with us in advance before planning to use this shore access. Feel free to call the store and ask about planned usage for a specific time.

Marine conservation at Sund Rock has led to abundant sea life. Come see the wealth of rockfish, lingcod, octopus and wolf eels, as well as nudibranchs, sponges, anemones, shrimp, crabs and sea stars. Many of these species also lay their eggs in the Preserve. Remember the only shooting and collecting allowed is with a camera.

Be sure to e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us at (360) 877-6818 to ask us about anticipated beach usage for your weekend.

Click here to download a copy of the Sund Rock site map.


Being a very popular dive site, and the inability to reserve space, we need to set up some protocols when diving at Sund Rock for either individuals or large groups. Our goal is to get as many people in that area, without stepping on everyone’s toes, hoping that everyone has a great time.


Each person must come to the dive store and sign in – NO EXCEPTIONS. We will place your name on the waiver sheet and then collect payment from the divers. If someone is going to Sund Rock, but they are NOT a diver, they do not need to pay, but they must still sign the waiver sheet.

In order to keep Sund Rock a viable place for classes, we honor the Instructors and Divemasters with lowered rates. The lowered rate is based on the number of paying students. A standard ratio is one free instructor or Dive Master for every four paying students. However, to get this rate the Instructor must be teaching a class and the Divemaster must be assisting the large class (based on the listed ratio). Simply because someone is an Instructor or Dive master does not mean they will get a reduced rate to Sund Rock. The store reserves the right to determine the fee for all people entering Sund Rock.


Our number one complaint is parking. Divers like big vehicles to haul their gear, but Sund Rock has limited space. We hope that it is common sense to park your vehicle within the designated parking areas. The #1 rule of courtesy is to consolidate the most divers into one vehicle. The second rule is to have some of your group member’s park up top after they have unloaded their gear. We have designated a turnaround area so you can unload your gear and then move the vehicle out of the way of newly arriving divers. If you bring a vehicle to the water – use the vehicle to dress, and not the bench. The bench should be reserved for those people courteous enough to park up top.


We ask that instructors keep new students away from the North and South wall to maintain visibility.


DOGS – Dogs are allowed – on a leash – and the owner must pick up any “messes”

Tents and Canopies are only permitted under certain circumstances:

  • A canopy should not be placed over the public bench – the bench is for everyone and a canopy will discourage others from using the bench.
  • Canopies can not encroach on a second parking area
  • Canopies can only be used in inclement weather
  • Canopies must be taken down or removed if they hinder – in any way – other people from parking or enjoying Sund Rock.

Click here to download a copy of the Sund Rock site map.



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